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We realize technology is playing a big part in today’s educational programs

more students than ever rely on their mobile device and computers

to do everything it’s become their life and their culture.



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Webstar eCampus Online Access


Webstar eCampus,™ powered by Gigabyte Slayer technology, provides online

classroom access. Utilizing this new technology we’re taking mobile

education to the next level, delivering to students the ability

to attend class from anywhere in the world.


Technology for today’s Students.


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? Webstar eCampus™ Online

– Powered by Gigabyte Slayer™

*Soon to be released*

Webstar eCampus™ is our online education software solution which will provide virtual classroom services that enable educators and academic institutions to provide an immersive, engaging, real-time, learning experience.

Our technology goes beyond anything currently available in the online education marketplace. Unlike other services that provide digital access to courses, Webstar eCampus is creating an immersive on-campus-like experience.

The key to achieving this is our keen focus on incorporating the psychology of human learning and human interaction, along with world-class education, within an ideal virtual online learning environment.

Webstar eCampus™ will make it possible, and affordable, for educators to offer their students virtual on-demand classroom activities without the otherwise necessary infrastructure requirements. Students who subscribe to the service will be able to remotely access their classroom via our Virtual Classroom Portal using their mobile devices or computer.

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Advanced Online Classroom Technology

Webstar eCampus™  – Key Value Propositions

  • Powered by Gigabyte Slayer data compression technology, Webstar eCampus™ will be the only online education platform that can securely deliver content and reduce educators’ bandwidth consumption by up to 65%.
  • Will enable universities and other educational institutions to increase student matriculation rates and reduce average classroom costs, thus improving revenue and profitability.
  • Will significantly reduce education costs typically associated with physical campus environments.
  • Will enable students to attend classes with increased scheduling flexibility, in real time or after hours.
  • In addition to bandwidth, online educators and trainers are challenged by increased costs for data and video content. Students are frustrated by buffering, stalls, and storage requirements.
  • Webstar eCampus™ will securely deliver all content at greater efficiency and significantly increases storage capabilities for educators and students.
  • Webstar eCampus™ will address one of the key challenges of today’s online education platforms— social interaction. While students receive excellent academic experiences, typical online education programs do not provide an adequate environment for students to develop critical social interaction skills. With this in mind, our Webstar eCampus™ service will offer the following optional Virtual Campus™ features:

Educational Solution

Cloud Learning


Secured Connection

Smartphone Ready

– Virtual student social interaction
– Virtual real time eLibrary and eBookstore
– Virtual auditorium and student body gathering venues
– Parental controls for social engagement for K-12 platforms

  • Webstar eCampus™ will provide engaging online student interaction and virtual academic environments similar to being present at the school or university’s physical campus.
  • Webstar eCampus™ will provide course consulting and development as well as credentialing services.

Our Global Outreach Learning Centers

Our ongoing CSR initiatives include the development and implementation of virtual online learning centers in 3rd world countries as well as medical support services and disaster relief services connected to our innovative software and virtual capabilities.

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User Friendly Classroom Interface








Affordable Educational Services

If your educational facility wishes to easily add an online option for education, we are here, ready to help. If you wish to modify or if you would like to let someone else handle the dynamic environment that is technology, we are here.

If your organization is considering starting an online educational program that is fully functional in every way, then our E-Campus can help you build it. Through direct US local, state, and international government contacts, Webstar eCampus can also assist in obtaining university authorizations and licensing to hold classes, thereby giving your organization the ability to supply educational services, issue degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Webstar eCampus will allow most any organization to offer educational services online, with NO overhead costs, NO software costs, NO system to buy. There is just a simple monthly fee. It fits your budget. Start as small as you need, and grow as fast as needed with no growing pains. Your plan can grow in scope and functionality as your needs grow.

Easy to Implement

Uptime Reliability

Great Tech Support

Students Love Online Classrooms







Webstar eCampus Online Access

By implementing Webstar eCampus services, enrolled students will enjoy attending classes through the virtual classroom access. They will receive a user name and password from the registrar. Once eCampus is set up, joining your class is simple— you’ll only need to enter your student user name and password provided by your school Registrar. If you experience any trouble using the online access, you will be able to contact student support at anytime for assistance.

Course Admin

Course Scheduling


Course Material

Course Archive

Other features of Webstar eCampus services: Students will be able to access class(s), course materials and other information needed to complete course(s). Also review previous classes for study purposes, confirm class notes, participate in online study group, download handouts and tests, view required subject matter videos, link to research sites, etc.

Classroom Solution







Student Access Balancing the Classroom

Today’s increasing classroom size makes it more and more difficult to be effective teaching students every day. In addition, the prohibitive cost of building and hiring makes it difficult, if not impossible, to decrease overcrowded classroom size.

Webstar eCampus virtual online classroom access services will provide a solution to this problem.

By implementing Webstar eCampus, you will be able to offer your students the option of taking your course online, from anywhere in the world. Your teachers will be able to reach out and teach, with Webstar eCampus bringing them within hand’s reach and allowing them to meet face to face…yet be a continent away.

Also, with our service, your students will have the ability to make missing classes a thing of the past.

Avoid Overcrowding

Focus more on Learn

Their attendance can be perfect, with access to all the same classroom lessons and activities at their convenience. Webstar eCampus services will be the Smart Choice for all institutions, enabling them to offer their students an online classroom education today.

Knowing how save you time and money…






Course Consulting Services

Webstar eCampus Consulting Services can provide you with expertise in custom online course development, course planning, course Implementation and course management. We have expert knowledge and experience in developing and delivering courses for online education. Historically, we have been working in distance education and traditional education for years. Over these years, we have refined our online course development and online course delivery models to enable us to run a successful online education business. We are now making our expertise available to you so that you can avoid some of the common pitfalls that are associated with online course development, delivery and management.





We are committed to supporting schools in their course development, especially designing goals-oriented and outcome-based syllabi. Utilizing eLearning provides and connects a number of resources that can assist schools in that process. In addition to these resources, we are available for individual consultations.

One of the biggest problems you will face, when putting your courses online, will be balancing the cost of development with the need for interactivity and engagement in the online courses. Anyone associated with online education, distance learning or eLearning, will tell you that one of the common complaints about online courses is their lack of interactivity.

A 2001 Forrester’s study states that 56% of students who take online courses feel the courses lack interactivity. Unfortunately, it is somewhat unclear what is meant by the word interactivity.

It could apply to course material-to-student interaction, student-to-student interaction or instructor-to-student interaction. Webstar eCampus has taken steps to address all of these areas of interactivity.

We begin by employing an online delivery model that provides for outstanding instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction. You can read more about this below. To address course material-to-student interactivity, we have recently developed a course authoring tool that allows us to add more course material-to-student interactivity while holding the line on online course development costs.

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Our Mission

Webstar eCampus will provide services to customers throughout the United States and the World. Our goal is to help Schools, Colleges and Institutions be able to offer their students virtual and visual access to classrooms from anywhere in the world and reach out to students who are looking for a better educational experience online.

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